Conditions of use

Cambridge Library is committed to ensuring a safe, welcoming environment for its users, and to providing an effective service. To help us achieve this, we require all users to comply with our Conditions of Use and Conditions of Membership.

Conditions of Use


Opening Hours

The library will be open to the public with hours determined by Council except in the case of emergency or as authorised by the Chief Executive Officer. 

Current opening hours are as follows: 

Monday:         9.00 am - 7.00 pm 

Tuesday:       9.00 am - 7.00 pm 

Wednesday:  9.00 am - 7.00 pm 

Thursday:      9.00 am - 7.00 pm 

Friday:          9.00 am - 5.00 pm 

Saturday:       9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Sunday:        11.00 am - 3.00 pm

These times are subject to review.

The library is closed on all public holidays, as determined by the State Government of Western Australia. 


1. Conditions of use of the Library 

1.1 Visiting the library 

  • Visitors must behave appropriately in the library and in a manner that does not interrupt, disturb, or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment of other library visitors.  
  • Children under the age of 12 must be closely supervised by a parent or a responsible person 16 years or older whilst in the library. 
  • Bags are to be placed in the lockers provided or may be brought into the public areas with the understanding that they may be checked on the way out by a staff member. 
  • Library visitors may only use mobile telephones in a discretionary manner whilst in the library. 
  • The visitor may only bring animals into the library facility when they are recognised as medical aids e.g. assistance animals; and
  • The visitor must understand that these Conditions of Use may change from time to time and visitors will be informed of such changes by a Council Public Notice on display in the Library as well as social media, electronic communications such as but not limited to electronic newsletters, the Town website and SMS messaging. 


1.2 Exclusion or removal 

The library is a public place that is accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, this can include those who choose to behave inappropriately. Therefore, in the interests of public safety and to ensure visitors enjoy the facility when they visit, the Coordinator Library Services and Local Studies or next most senior officer in the building has the authority to exclude or have cause to remove any person who in their opinion:

  • Is under the age of 12 years and who is not accompanied by a responsible person 16 years or older 
  • Is disorderly 
  • Is guilty of offensive behaviour to staff or another member of the public
  • Accesses illegal or pornographic material using a library computer or their own device
  • Appears intoxicated or under the influence of a prohibited drug whilst in the library; and
  • Is not using the library for the purpose for which is intended; 


The Coordinator Library Services and Local Studies may recommend in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, suspension or exclusion from services provided by the library to any person who refuses or neglects to comply with the conditions outlined in these terms  and/or the regulations of the Library Board Act.  


2. Conditions of use for electronic services (Internet and other online services) 

2.1    Eligibility to use electronic services

A visitor may use a guest pass to use a public computer and online facilities. By accepting the Conditions of Use for Electronic Services when initially logging on to a computer visitors agree that they will abide by these conditions whilst using these facilities. Children may only use computer facilities within the library under parental supervision or that of an alternative accepted Guardian. 


2.2    Internet only restricted membership

A visitor may enrol as an eMember. Borrowing privileges do not apply to this membership category. 


2.3    Usage restrictions 

Visitors cannot use computing equipment to:

  • Download materials or install applications and programs onto the computer's hard drive
  • Transmit, view, obtain possession, advertise or request the transmission of inappropriate material
  • Use their personal software on library computers 
  • Transmit restricted material to a minor; or
  • Display or make restricted material available to a minor 

Inappropriate material includes that which may be considered to be pornographic or illegal. 

Visitors will not be able to download large amounts of material if it restricts other people’s use of the library’s information technology services including streaming services. 

Library-scheduled use of the equipment takes precedence over individual use at all times. 

The library reserves the right to terminate an internet or computer session at any time and to bar the use of library facilities. 


2.4   Internet accessibility

Visitors should understand: 

  • That not all sources on the internet provide accurate, complete, or current information
  • The need to question the validity of internet information 
  • That it is up to the user to ensure their work is saved, and that unsaved work may be lost in the event of unexpected application failure or PC session timeout
  • That staff may provide basic support accessing internet services, but that more complex requests for help may be declined where they require excessive staff time or fall beyond the scope of Library staff capability or responsibility. Users may be invited to book an IT class to address these requests
  • That it is up to the user to ensure their work is saved, and that unsaved work may be lost in the event of unexpected application failure or PC session timeout
  • Internet access is a filtered service to provide some guarantee that inappropriate sites cannot be accessed, however this cannot ensure complete security as it is the nature of the internet that new sites are constantly being added and the vast nature of the internet itself prevents comprehensive monitoring 


Visitors understand that the Town is not responsible for: 

  • The content of any online services, including its accuracy, authoritativeness, timeliness, or usefulness
  • Controlling the availability of information links which often change rapidly and unpredictably
  • Breaks in the service due to technical problems outside its control  


 2.5    eSafety  

All visitors using the internet are expected to use this library resource responsibly and courteously and to follow all internet-related rules and regulations including, but not limited to, those of the library. 

Responsible, courteous use includes:

  • Recognising that the Internet must be shared, respecting the rights of others, and refraining from activity that prevents others from using it. 
  • Not using Internet resources for unauthorised, illegal, or ethical purposes
  • Respecting intellectual property rights by making only authorised copies of copyrighted, licensed, or otherwise controlled software or data residing on the Internet
  • Respecting the privacy of others by not misrepresenting oneself as another person 
  • Not interfering with others use of computer services
  • Not attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or information belonging to others by seeking unauthorised access to any computer system, or damaging or altering software components of any network or database; and
  • Not deliberately propagating computer worms or viruses.

Conditions of Membership


1. Membership 

Any person is entitled to enrol for membership of the Library Service upon showing satisfactory proof of identity and current address. A driver’s licence, pensioner/concession card, or utility invoice is considered acceptable.  

Children (under 18 years of age) must have their membership form signed by a parent or guardian. The place of residence shall be taken as the address where the child normally resides.  

Any person not able to provide satisfactory proof of identity and residence (e.g. no fixed address, new or temporary residence or visiting family or friends) will be permitted to enrol as a temporary/traveller member with restricted borrowing capacity.

Organisations are eligible for membership. Responsibility for materials borrowed must be undertaken by the most senior individual of the organisation and not an organisational staff position. Organisations will be responsible for updating the membership details should the responsible officer leave that organisation.  

On becoming a member of or visiting the Cambridge Library, the member must accept the Conditions of Use of the Library, Conditions of Membership, and Conditions of Use for Electronic Services which are determined by:   

  1. The Library Board of Western Australia Act 1951
  2. Library Board (Registered Public Libraries) Regulations 1985; and
  3. The Coordinator Library Services and Local Studies in consultation with the Manager Community Services and the Director Planning and Community Services through the development of in-house operational standards. 


2. Conditions for Borrowing Library Resources 

2.1 Eligibility to borrow library resources. 

A member must present a current library card or photographic ID whenever borrowing resources from the Library. The member will be unable to borrow items where: 

  • An account for lost or damaged items is outstanding


A person who is housebound due to a disability or temporary incapacity or is caring for someone in these circumstances may be eligible for a home delivery service. Eligibility criteria apply. 


2.2 Member responsibilities 

  • Members must return all items borrowed from the Library on or before the due date or renew the items before they fall due. This will be done automatically for 2 renewals provided there are no reservations and the item is not an Inter Library Loan or Lightning Loan
  • Members must take responsibility for all items borrowed from the Library. Parents/Guardians shall take responsibility for items on all cards issued to their children
  • Members must take responsibility for examining all items prior to borrowing and satisfy themselves that no damage is evident to those items and bring any such damage to the attention of staff.  Failure to do so will mean responsibility for the damage is theirs 
  • Members will be charged for repairs or replacement of the items that were lost or damaged whilst on loan to the customer 
  • Members must not make any changes or repairs to any items
  • Members must notify the library if a card is lost or stolen. The liability for any items borrowed or charges incurred before such notification shall be maintained by the person to whom the card was issued. Lost and damaged cards attract a replacement fee unless a police report can be produced 
  • Members must notify the Library in the event of any changes to contact details


2.3 Borrowing Privileges

Up to 20 items may be borrowed for 4 weeks. Loan restrictions on various categories may apply. 


2.4 Reservations 

Library members can place up to 20 reservations for items in Cambridge Library on their membership card at any one time. Reservations can be placed in person, by telephone, by email to, or by using the library catalogue in the library or online via  

If Library members cannot find the item they are looking for on the Cambridge Library catalogue, they may submit a request to get the item from another library in WA. Conditions and restrictions may apply.


2.5 Renewals 

  • Items will be renewed automatically 4 days before they fall due, with the exception of Lightning Loans, items that have been reserved, items that have been borrowed via Inter Library Loan, and instances where they would exceed the maximum renewals.
  • Items may be renewed twice unless they fall under the restrictions above
  • Items not renewed must be returned on or before the due date. Our returns chute remains open 24/7 for your convenience.


2.6 Lost and damaged accounts 

Where an item is damaged, the member shall receive a tax invoice for such damage. The charge for such damage may include the cost of fully replacing the item (inclusive of GST) if the Town deems it irreparable. A minimum charge of $8.00 applies to all invoices (including GST).  

Where an item is overdue by two weeks, the borrower shall receive a library invoice, SMS or email for the full replacement cost of the item. If the item is returned the replacement cost will not apply. Refunds will not be given for items that are paid for and subsequently found and returned.

A member who believes an outstanding loan has been returned may write to the Coordinator Library Services and Local Studies seeking a three month grace period to enable ongoing borrowing whilst both the member and the library check further for the item. The member remains liable for the item during this period.  

Where any tax invoices remain unpaid a member will be unable to borrow any further library items until the items are returned in a satisfactory condition. Where any tax invoices remain unpaid for a period of two months, the Town may begin debt collection processes to recoup any losses.  

Where a member consistently reaches the stage whereby debt collection is necessary, that member will be suspended from using the library service until the debt is paid or the items returned. A person experiencing difficulties in paying the tax invoice may apply to pay it off in instalments. Such a request should be written to the Coordinator Library Services and Local Studies for consideration.  

The Chief Executive Officer reserves the right to waive any or all of the penalties listed in section 2 as authorised under Delegated Authority 1.2.20 – Defer, Grant Discounts, Waive or Write Off Debts. 


Please note that:

  • Accredited Assistance and Therapy Animals are welcome.
  • Food and drinks are permitted in the Library provided they are handled responsibly and do not impact negatively on the safety or experience of other Library users 
  • For your safety, surveillance cameras monitor public areas.