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Cambridge Library members have access to a wide range of free online resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Resources available online include eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, eLanguage Learning, and eResources such as databases, newspapers and tutorial programs.



Visit BorrowBox to download eBooks and eAudiobooks. The collection includes a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles from all genres and caters to all ages. Apps are available for both Android and Mac devices. More information is available

Please note: due to a system upgrade, Borrowbox is now linked to your Cambridge Library account. If your membership has expired you will be unable to access Borrowbox and you will need to contact the Library to update it. 

Your Borrowbox username and password is now linked to your Cambridge Library account, if you update your Cambridge Library password, your Borrowbox password will also be updated.

The default username is your Library barcode, the default password: is the same as your Library account's password



Borrow and enjoy audiobooks, e-books, comics, movies, TV shows, magazines, or music, anywhere you have a screen-your computer, your phone, your car, even your TV. Library patrons can enjoy up to six selections per month. Enter your email address and Library barcode, create a password and you're on your way.

Library patrons can borrow four films a month with access to over 30,000 films, television series titles and documentaries from top film suppliers including: Madman Entertainment, Ronin Films, The Criterion Collection and The BBC.

Create an account providing the requested details, access your email and verify the link provided. Enter your Library Card Number and start browsing. More information is available here(PDF, 177KB) .

Next Reads Book Matching Service

Next Reads Book Matching Service

Need something to read but not sure where to begin? Let our expert staff guide you. Complete the Book Matching Service form and within 5 working days we will email you a recommended reading list with five great new titles for you to explore.

Cambridge Library and the State Library of Western Australia are pleased to provide library members access to the WA Public Libraries Digital Media collection, a collection of over 41,500 fiction, non-fiction, junior, young adult and adult eBooks and eAudiobooks. Digital magazines are also available for loan including: Better Homes and Gardens, Delicious, Australian Women's Weekly and Money magazine.


Access the OverDrive website from your PC or Mac, or if using a mobile or tablet, download the Libby app


 Local Studies


Ancestry Library Edition

This popular database lets you explore your family history through Australian and overseas historical records, including census records, birth, marriage and death records, settler, convict and immigrant lists, directories and newspaper obituaries. Also available are photos, maps and historical publications. Ancestry is only accessible from within Cambridge Library. Please see library staff to gain access.




Community News Online

Read a digital edition of the local Western Suburbs Weekly or other Community Newspaper titles.

Please note: The Community Newspaper Group (including Western Suburbs Weekly) has been retired as of August 2021 and relaunched under Perth Now. As such the above webpage only provides access to archived issues up to July 29, 2021.


Post Newspapers

Read the latest news from around the Town at The Post Newspaper online.


The West Australian Digital Archives

Read digital editions of The West Australian from as far back as July 2004 to as recent as yesterday!

To get started, ask Cambridge Library staff for the username and password, and access the site from the library or at home.