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The name of our blog is inspired by the song "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" from The Wizard of Oz.

The Old Plank Road holds a special place in the memory of all long-term Perth residents. Many a tale is told about riding down a single-lane road constructed of jarrah and crushed limestone, riding the two parallel jarrah planks like a train rides its track, as the road meandered up and down and around the sand dunes on the way to the 'City Beach'.

It was one of only two roads to the beach and completed first in 1918, and it led to adventure and fun through the bush to the wondrous sand, sea and surf.

As you Follow the Old Plank Road, you symbolically take a journey through time and follow the development and growth of a wonderful community.

The blog includes details behind the naming of streets, biographical pieces on local identities, stories about architecture, photographs and ephemera.

Keeping abreast of new research, stories and discoveries in the historical, environmental, and cultural history of the suburbs within the Town of Cambridge, is easy when you follow this blog.

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