Give the gift of history

Over the years the Cambridge Library Local Studies Collection has benefited from dedicated local historians who have interviewed and researched projects to preserve the history and heritage of the local area.

Three books that detail aspects of our past are available as audiobooks and can be purchased from Cambridge Library.

Books that detail other aspects of local history, the environment and more can be found in the collection at the Library collection.

Dunny Runs, Heroes and Heroines: Historical laneways of West Leederville and Wembley by Leesa Cheah

"The rights-of-way (rears-of-way) or as they were colloquially known “dunny runs” were initially used for the night watchmen on his horse and cart, to collect the contents of the residents outhouses which were situated along the back fence line of properties in Wembley and West Leederville.

As plumbing and sanitation improved and the “dunny” was moved into the home, the right of ways were used more and more for access by cars to rear garages and as a brilliant place to have a game of cricket or kick a footy with the neighbours. Nowadays they are very unlike the dusty rutted tracks of olden times.

In June 2003 the Council resolved to name all rights-of-way in the Town, the reason being the lack of name created a serious impediment to the enforcement of the Town’s local laws, particularly those relating to the control of vehicle parking or obstructions and dumping of rubbish.

All rights-of-way were named based on the theme of using the surnames of people who were born in, or residents of West Leederville, Floreat, Wembley or City Beach when they enlisted in the armed services during World War I or II. Each name was given the suffix “Lane”.

Where the names came from

  • names listed on the Cenotaph at the Leederville Town Hall of residents who died on active service in World War I and II;
  • names published in “The Western Command” Christmas Issue 1941;
  • searches of the World War II Nominal Roll database located on the Department of Veteran’s Affairs website.

The decision to use the names of past local residents in the naming, reflects the Council’s recognition of the contribution (and for many - the ultimate sacrifice) made by those individuals.

This booklet provides some historical background to the fallen soldiers from the two world wars who had direct connection with the suburbs of Floreat, City Beach, Wembley and West Leederville before they made the ultimate sacrifice.

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From Limestone and Sandhills: The story of the development of City Beach and Floreat by Ian Pleydell

The suburbs of City Beach and Floreat in Perth, Western Australia whilst relatively young, have a unique history.

This book documents the story of the two suburbs, the early settlers, the Garden City Movement, limestone quarrying, growth during the Depression and war years as well as the triumphant hosting of the VII Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1962. Written by a former local, Ian Pleydell, this book will delight and inform the reader about a unique area and its place in Western Australia's history.

Please note that while the book mainly covers City Beach and Floreat, in its opening chapters it does look at pioneers of the area and local development and thus necessarily discusses some of the history of West Leederville and Wembley.

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Wembley: Its People and Its Past by Margaret Putt

This book about the Perth, Western Australian suburb of Wembley, is lively, personal and engaging.

Putt brings to life the people who made Wembley what it is today, there are anecdotes and fond memories shared of famous sites like the Wembley Hotel, of visiting the various picture theatres and the exploits of children and their adventures in the bush surrounding Wembley at the time.

Tales of the dairy industry, of growing up and going to school, of owning a car, the stories of everyday life are captured through interviews and the people's own words, in the pages of this foundational text on Wembley.

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Local Studies paraphernalia

You can now purchase your very own piece of the Town's history. The Library has a selection of both tote bags and water bottles for sale. Tote bags feature a choice of two images: 'Horseman compacting City Beach (no date) or 'the Wembley Hotel, c1945 lining up with ration coupons during WWII'. The water bottles feature 'School House West Leederville Primary School 1910-1919'. They're a great gift idea for the person who has everything!

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Water Bottles  $7.50 each