Kids Library


Kids online is home to interactive online resources that make learning important skills such as literacy, communication and numeracy fun!

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Over 115 fun learning activities that help children learn important skills in the key learning areas of creative development, problem solving, reasoning, numeracy, communication, language and literacy. 
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DK Find Out!

Visit DK Find Out! to learn about dinosaurs, space, animals, nature & more.

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Kanopy Kids

A wide range of enriching and engaging videos for preschoolers and up! 




LibraryCraft is a Java Edition Minecraft server for Windows, Mac & Linux players. Kids aged 7 to 17 are invited to build, create and compete in a shared, safe and monitored environment.Note: players must already own a copy of the Java Edition of the game and have a username in order to join.

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Maths Chase

Fun, simple games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and more. 

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Overdrive for Kids

No time to get to the Library? No problem! eBooks and eAudiobooks to entertain and educate- just download and go.



StoryBox Library

StoryBox Library is now available for families to access online with their WA public or state library card! StoryBox features engaging online Australia stories read aloud by some wonderful Australian storytellers.